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Stand out from the crowd with JUUL's brand new, Gold device. This device contains all of the innovative features that JUUL is famous for and arrives with a stunning, stylish Gold finish.

The JUUL device is the perfect e-cigarette for those who are just starting their vaping journey. It's sleek, stylish and lightweight, making it the ideal portable e-cig. JUUL's GOLD Device is button and switch free, meaning you can simply activate it by inhaling on the mouthpiece. This e-cig is compatible with JUUL pods. The e-liquid pods are incredibly easy to handle and can be interchanged by simply pulling the empty JUUL pod out of the device and clicking a new pod into place. Easy, no mess, no hassle.

The pods contain nicotine salts which are gathered directly from tobacco leaves. Nicotine salts provide you with a much smoother hit and satisfy your cravings significantly quicker.

The limited edition JUUL Gold device is equipped with a powerful built-in 280mAh battery designed to give you a long-lasting vaping experience. Charging your JUUL on the go is easy thanks to its magnetic USB charger; just slot your JUUL Kit into the charger and connect it to any USB port. The LED light on the device will let you know what percentage your battery is on, so you’ll never unexpectedly run out of power.