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Terea heatsticks for IQOS Iluma Pack of 200



The innovative heating technology in new IQOS Iluma devices is the Smartcore Induction System that heats the tobacco from within the new Terea Smartcore stick. These newly designed sticks are to be used only with IQOS Iluma, which features an auto-start function that detects when the Terea stick is inserted and automatically turns on the device.

These bladeless devices offer a cleaner way to heat tobacco from the core, without burning it, to provide a more consistent experience, no tobacco residue, and no need to clean the device.

Additionally, they generate no combustion and no smoke, and PMI’s market research indicates that IQOS ILUMA provides a more pleasurable experience compared to previous IQOS generations

Terea Stick Flavours:

TEREA TURQUOISE Described as a refreshing menthol with subtle hints of lightly toasted tobacco and spices, the flavor closely resembles that of menthol cigarettes, as per user reviews. These sticks offer a moderate strength profile, reminiscent of the beloved Turquoise Label.

MAUVE WAV Mini cigarettes in the MAUVE WAV variant deliver a revitalizing menthol taste with notes of wild berries, as described and praised in user reviews. The sticks emit a delightful fragrance that lacks any chemical undertones. Their strength falls within the medium range, leaning slightly towards the lighter side. Expect these to gain popularity akin to the renowned Purple Wave.

RUSSET Terea’s burgundy sticks, aptly named “red” or “red-brown,” are characterized by their robust flavor featuring intense roasted tobacco and malt notes.

BRONZE by Terea offers a brown hue with a bronze sheen, and its name speaks for itself. The taste is a mellow tobacco with hints of cocoa and dried fruits, creating a unique combination reminiscent of pipe tobacco with similar notes. Strength-wise, it leans slightly above average, making these Bronze Labels a favorite in their updated version.

SIENNA Experience the fusion of roasted tobacco with tea and woody undertones in SIENNA. Smokers have noted its striking similarity to traditional cigarettes, and these sticks boast a moderate strength profile, ensuring a satisfying smoke from just one piece.

TEAK comes in brown packaging, with its name translating to “teak tree.” This variant offers a harmonious blend of classic tobacco with creamy and nutty notes, accompanied by a pleasant fragrance and slightly above-average strength. Fans of Teak Selection will recognize and appreciate this nutty flavor.

AMBER Boasting an intense aroma without sharp or chemical nuances, AMBER offers a medium to slightly higher strength profile. The flavor mirrors that of HEETS Amber, delivering the familiar taste aficionados adore.

YELLOW mini cigarettes are characterized by their fragrant nature, offering a medium saturation and a mild strength profile. These sticks may not be strong, but they certainly deliver on aroma and flavor.

SILVER Packaged in a silver exterior, SILVER sticks offer an exquisite roasted tobacco flavor with subtle spicy-herbal notes. If you’ve tried the Heets Silver series, you’ll find these sticks to be a welcomed addition.

BLUE sticks combine a soft tobacco blend with a pronounced menthol flavor, complemented by a hint of peppermint. This refreshing option caters to those who enjoy a frosty freshness, with a high strength level that delivers a bold experience. Something new, indeed!

This box contains 10 packs (200 Terea).