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Klik Klak by Elements Disposable Vape - 20mg 5 for £22



5 for £22


This new Elements range brings a fresh revolution to the world of disposable vaping. Each device is designed with ground-breaking magnetic bands that permit two disposables to be conjoined for a personalised flavour experience.

Say goodbye to consistently tasting the same! Innovative mix-and-match technology gives you up to 1200 puffs with a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a 20mg nicotine salt strength. There are 10 flavour options in total, which can be integrated for up to 55 distinct variations.

KLIK KLAKs are a must have for disposable vaping fans, with each device durable and pocket-friendly.


Flavour profiles:

Aloe Grape - Sweetly cool mix of juicy grape and lightly chilly aloe vera. A well-balanced vape that's as refreshing as it sounds!

Blue Sour Raspberry  - Perfect mix of sweet and sour fruit flavours. So well-balanced that it can be vaped anywhere.

Ice - Sharp taste of cool crushed ice. Perfect palate cleanser vape. Delicious to pair. 

Passion - Juicy passionfruit flavour that's as classic as they come. Tropic mix that's bliss anytime, anywhere.

Peach Ice - Sweet juicy peach collides with some light menthol for a delicious pairing that's hard to put down.

Pineapple - Juicy symbol of the tropics. Classic pineapple taste that's sure to please any fruit lovers out there.

Raspberry Lemonade - Sweetly sour raspberries collide with some light lemonade for a refreshingly delish pairing. Absolute must-have!

Super Sour - Sour candy taste that's ideal for those who love the zingier things in life.

Tropical Fruit - Delicious blend of sweet pineapple and juicy mango. Exotic fruit treat cocktail that's ideal in the heat

Watermelon - Juicy watermelon flavour that goes to show some things will never go out of style. Sweet treat that's hard to beat!